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New York Times Features BYU Animation Program

Photo of BYU Animation students

Due to its students growing success in the animation world, the BYU Center for Animation has recently received a lot of recognition and attention from the media.
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The Killers, Owen Wilson Make New New Music Video with BYU Students

BYU student works on The Killer's music video

A series of BYU connections in Hollywood yields extraordinary opportunity

“Working on a Killers music video was pretty surreal, especially because the opportunity came in my first semester,” said BYU animation student Josh Poulsen. “It was the funnest and most enthusiastic group I’ve ever worked with, and the process was exhausting.”

Every Christmas season since 2006, The Killers have released a new single. In tune with the season of giving, the proceeds from sales go entirely to charity.

“Seeing the end product was really rewarding,” said BYU film student Cassie Hiatt. “When we were in the process, we thought it was something that was never going to end. But now that it’s done, it’s awesome to look back at and think ‘Wow we did that.’”

The cinematographer on the project was BYU alum Bengt Jonsson. A number of BYU faculty were involved: Mike Warner and Seth Holladay did visual effects; Cynthia Hogan was heavily involved in the animation; and Brent Adams, Tom Lefler, and Kyle Stapley helped manage the project and resources. The key students involved in the project were Cassie Hiatt, Josh Poulsen, Nick Dixon, Jordan Hunter, John Jackson, and Stephanie Tse.
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BYU Engineers Help Ballroom Dancers Shine

Photos of BYU engineering students

Engineers and ballroom dancers might not be the most typical collaborators on a college campus. But the combination recently paid off for BYU. The BYU Ballroom Dance Company took first place in the formation category at the British Open Championships in Blackpool, England in May 2013. Part of the praise goes to BYU engineering students, Frank Morley, and husband-wife duo, Stephen and Ali Wood, who built the custom-made LED light dresses that wowed the audience. Over the course of the routine, the lights in the dresses progressed in sync with the music.
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