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Interns Ellie Goldrup and Jane Christensen worked with notable artists while experiencing life in a major art center

Before this past summer Ellie Goldrup probably would have told you she could not see herself living in Los Angeles. After completing an internship in LA with Elizabeth Huey, Goldrup said she feels much more confident about the city. Jane Christensen, who roomed with Goldrup while interning with Monique Prieto over the summer, agreed. Experiential learning funding helped cover their expenses, making it possible for them to live and work in LA for an extended period of time.

Intern Ellie Goldrup working with Elizabeth Huey in her studio – photo by Aaron Farley

In addition to experiencing a city with a strong contemporary art scene, both Goldrup and Christensen observed and participated in the art-making process as interns for influential artists.

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by Abby Weidmer

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