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Students experienced art and nature while developing as artists in an accelerated and intensive summer program

For centuries, artists have been drawn to the natural beauty of the diverse landscapes in Utah. The vast expanses of deep canyons, majestic mountains and rich red rock have inspired some artists to use the land itself as their medium. Wide stretches of desolate desert and star-soaked skies continue to inspire artists today, including Department Chair Gary Barton, who, together with Associate Professor Daniel Everett, designed an intensive art immersion program to challenge advanced art students to meaningfully engage with the land as an artistic subject.

The Summer Intensive Program, which combines ART 394R (Special Projects) and ART 480R (Advanced Studio) for a full course load during the summer term, took students beyond the classroom for what Everett described as a “first-hand, un-mediated interaction with art and nature.”

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by Abby Weidmer

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