Name Degree/Field Media
Jeffrey Campbell B.M. Music ’90/Associate professor of jazz studies, Eastman School of Music Interview (PDF)
Sam Cardon B.A. Music ’93/Freelance composer Interview (PDF)
James Christiansen B.S. Visual Arts ’67/Artist (Painting, fine art prints, porcelain, brass) Interview (PDF)
Jane Clayson B.A. Communications: Journalism Emphasis ‘90/Emmy-winning journalist, former co-host of the CBS Early Show “Reporting on the Home Front” Lecture (PDF)
Kathie Debenham M.A. Physical Education ’76/Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities at UVU “Dancing Life — Perspectives on Art and Living.”
Gary Dixon M.A. Communications ‘76/President, The Foundation for a Better Life Interview (PDF)
Scott Eckern M.F.A. Acting  ’83 /Artistic Director and Chief Operating Officer, California Musical Theatre (Music Circus and Broadway Sacramento) “Seek the Truth: Tell the Truth.” Lecture (PDF)
J. Randel McGee B.A. Theatre: Child Drama ‘79/Artistic director, McGee Productions Interview (PDF)
Parry Merkley B.F.A Graphic Design, ’81/Emeritus chair of the Merkley and Partnersadvertising firm “Lost in Balance: Creativity vs. Eccentricity”
Bruce Olsen B.A. Communications : Journalism Emphasis  ’63, M.A. Communications ‘65/Managing director, Public Affairs Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Interview (PDF)
Bryan Peterson B.F.A. Design and Art  ’79/President and Founder of Peterson, Ray and Company Interview (PDF)
Steve Rizley B.A. Communications: Advertising Emphasis ‘92/Vice president and region manager, Arizona, Cox Communications Interview (PDF)
Justin Rucker B.F.A. Illustration ‘99 /Artists’ agent, Shannon Associates, New York City Interview (PDF)
Elise Soukup B.A. Communications  ’02/Associate Editor, Newsweek Interview (PDF)
Reed Smoot B.A. Communications ’69 /Freelance cinematographer and director Interview (PDF)
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