These grants are intended to encourage and support scholarly and creative work by BYU Faculty in a CFS-track position.  They are not intended as awards and will not be recognized at the Annual University Conference.  These grants will be awarded based on review by a faculty panel for each area of interest.  These funds may not be used for faculty salaries.

Any area of scholarship or creative work is eligible for support.  Special emphasis will be given to work in the following five broad areas of particular interest to the University and to the Church.  The maximum amount of each award will be $25,000 and funds will carry over one additional year (2011-2012).

Eliza R. Snow Grant offers support in bringing LDS perspectives to the academic disciplines, or in expressing LDS perspectives in creative work.

David O. McKay Grant offers support for improving teaching across all disciplines consistent with the aims of a BYU Education.  (See Aims of a BYU Education)

John A. Widtsoe Grant offers support for innovative research or creative work that enhances the quality of life.

J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Grant offers support for work that increases the influence of the gospel principles in public life.

Emmeline B. Wells Grant offers support for research and creative work with a focus on contexts and issues related to women’s lives.

Application should include:

  1.    Cover sheet
  2.    Curriculum Vitae (no more than 5 pages)
  3.    Letters of support from the Dean and Department Chair
  4.    Description of the project (no more than 3 pages)
  5.    Detailed budget for the work for which the funds will be used

A final report will be expected at the end of the project period.  It should report on the accomplishments during the term of the grant, the current status of the project and how the budget was expended.

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