It has now been more than 40 years since Spencer W. Kimball’s shared his vision of BYU “greatly increasing its already strong position of excellence till the eyes of all the world will be upon us.”

Kimball also observed, “Certainly, the true measure of an institution of learning would be the impact it makes on the total lives of its students.” Our charge at BYU is to see that education is life changing,

As I reflect on these statements from Kimball’s 1967 speech Education for Eternity, it is clear that not only is BYU making an impact on student learning, but students are also making an impact. I would add that certainly the true measure of an institution of learning is the resulting impact the students make on the lives of its faculty, administration, alumni and global audiences. The students who come to this campus are getting better and better every year. I believe their level of excellence, commitment to truth, and enthusiasm for life and service are unmatched in today’s world. And as Kimball noted in his Second Century Address, “This university can be the refining host for many such individuals who will touch men and women the world over long after they have left this campus.”

For years, our students have been recognized for their achievements in performance and academics. The first six months of 2013 have been particularly stellar for awards of merit on national and international levels. From dance, visual arts and music, to communication, media arts and theatre, our students have excelled in their aspirations. And many of our students graduate, not only with high accolades, but also with unforgettable memories and experiences.

Many student award recipients attribute their success to outstanding mentors in our college. These inspirational faculty members push students to the limits and help them hone their skills. They give freely of their time, quickly respond to emails at all hours of the day, put in extra hours, and provide the necessary guidance, experience, and training to help our students succeed in competitions, as well as to prepare them for their professional careers. Again, I believe as Kimball did that our “grand and magnificent obsession [is our] youth and their growth, their vision, their development.”

I would also like to thank all of the incredible supporters of our college. This brochure and its accompanying website were created to showcase these top winners and mentors in our continuing endeavor to share the beautiful, true and good. We couldn’t do that without the help of people like you.

Stephen M. Jones, Dean
College of Fine Arts and Communications

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