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An Artist and a Mother


Tara Carpenter received an MFA from the University of Utah. She is the area advisor for Art Education, where she teaches several art teaching courses.

As the University Program Coordinator, Tara runs the student teaching program. She is the director of BYU Jumpst(ART), a series of continuing education workshops for K-12 students. Tara has co-directed field studies to India and Nepal as well as Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. She presents regularly at conferences, including the National Art Education Association and the National Conference on the Education of Ceramic Arts. Her artistic work has been exhibited both locally and nationally and her writings have been featured in Arts & Activities and the Utah Journal of Literacy.

An Artist and a Mother

In her lecture, Tara Carpenter discusses the challenges and blessings that she and other prominent women face when it comes to being a mother as well as an inspired artist. She draws from the experiences of different women throughout her lecture to provide a very real and powerful representation of what life is like when faced with balancing both raising your children and expressing your craft.

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