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The Wrestle: Taking Art Beyond Enjoyment


Christopher Cutri graduated from BYU in 1995 with a degree in humanities and a minor in film. Upon graduation, Cutri was accepted to the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. There he received an M.F.A. in film directing.

Cutri has been signed with several film production companies to direct commercials. His academic focus is on creative conception for advertising and the production of television commercials and documentaries. His documentaries explore various aspects of the sociology of sport, particularly the culture of surfing and other extreme sports. Cutri also directed his first feature film, “Wes and Ella,” where he had the opportunity to work with the talented actor Scoot McNairy. Cutri’s interests in photography and design have led him to investigate the possibilities of photobooks and zines as a form of documentary.

Faith + Works Lecture Series | Chris Cutri

BYU School of Communications professor, Chris Cutri discusses his personal wrestle with his creative work.

BYU School of Communications professor, Chris Cutri asks how do I treat my neighbor as myself.​

BYU School of Communications professor, Chris Cutri discusses the most important question.

BYU School of Communications professor, Chris Cutri discusses trying to view the world through a spiritual lens.

The Wrestle: Taking Art Beyond Enjoyment

April 12, 2018 Lecture

BYU School of Communications Professor Chris Cutri explores the artist’s responsibility to create work that addresses global crises at the April Faith and Works lecture.

Cutri plans to engage students and faculty in thinking about what kind of work they are doing and discuss how that work can foster empathy and a commitment to serve.

“The creation of art or other forms of creative content are made for a variety of reasons,” Cutri said. “In this lecture, I would like to explicate the wrestle I have with the notion of what I should be creating amidst a world that is reeling from the effects of racism, poverty, political instability and other global crises.”

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