italy study abroad

Italy Study Abroad 

The Department of Art will investigate relationships in tradition through art, craft, and culture during summer term 2017. Faculty in this program will be teaching process and
craft as a bridge between historical western art and the practices and continuums of
contemporary art.
6 May–16 June 2017
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italy fall 2017

Siena, Italy

Students will become a part of daily life in Siena, living with a local family, attending
classes with other students from Europe and around the world at the Dante Alighieri
Institute, and investigating every aspect of this fascinating city’s culture.
6 September–28 November 2017
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Europe Art/History Classics

The Art History/Classics Europe program offers students the opportunity for intensive,
on-site study of art, architecture and the classical tradition with a particular emphasis on ancient (“classical”) Greek and Roman culture in Italy, Greece, Berlin, Paris, and London.
1 May–13 June 2017
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taxi new york

New York Internship Program

Approximately 30 students from all the departments in the College of Fine Arts and
Communications go to New York during spring term and live in student housing at
considerably reduced rates. Students are placed in internships with various employers
such as major public relations and advertising agencies, design studios and other
communication and entertainment firms or agencies. Read about how the New York Internship got started.

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New York Field Experience

In the heart of the nation’s media capital, the School of Communications study
abroad will focus on digital storytelling in today’s social media-driven world. Students
will learn to tell stories about the city and its people, using their smart phones and laptops
to distribute text, photos, and video via the web and social media platforms.
1 May–15 June 2017

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LDS Public Affairs/ Germany + New Zealand

As an intern in either the Europe Area Office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints in Frankfurt, Germany, or the South Pacific Area Office in Auckland, New
Zealand, students will have a unique opportunity to improve upon on public relations, journalism, and international relations skills.
Winter semester, spring-summer combined, or fall semesters are available.
(Specific dates will be determined.)

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China (Rotating every three year)

The China Dance Program is a tremendous opportunity to learn from Chinese professors in dance, fine arts and Chinese martial arts. Students build great friendships as they participate in first-hand learning experiences with professors and students in local schools. The program is designed to actively involve students with the Chinese people and provides rich study content, including history, philosophy, and traditional customs of China.

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italy dancers

Ballet Study Abroad (Rotating)

Students are actively immersed in the Italian or French culture and presented rich study content in Dance History, Pedagogy, and Choreography in cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris and London. Students also participate in dance workshops by international experts at prestigious conservatories throughout Europe and create site-specific choreographic works in their surroundings.
24 June–30 July 2017 (approximately)

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Berlin internship


Intern in Berlin, capital of Germany, historic center, cultural center, and the spirit of a united, modern Germany. Professional internships are available in all industries, any time of the year. Internships may be available in business, marketing, management, finance, communications, tourism/hospitality and hotel and restaurant management, mechanical engineering, banking, retail, parliament/government, design, banking, media, theatre, and municipal and public administration. 12 weeks winter semester:
29 January–22 April 2017
8 weeks spring term: 30 April–24 June 2017
12 weeks spring-summer: 30 April–22 July 2017
8 week summer term: 25 June–19 August 2017
12 weeks fall semester: 3 September–25 November 2017

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Study Abroad, Internships, Field Studies

New York

Every spring, professors of graphic design take the junior class to New York City to meet with studios and agencies in preparation for internships that summer. BYU’s students are so well regarded that often the design department receives more requests for interns than they can fill.

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english choral music

English Choral Music, Past and Present

The program will be based in London, with course work at the Hyde Park Chapel and visits to rehearsals and performances of important British choirs and choral conductors. This is a highly specialized program, where students can study, see, and especially hear the rich heritage of English choral music in its native surroundings.
3 May–7 June 2017

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vienna spring 2017


The city of Vienna attracted musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Brahms as a place to live and work. Students will attend performances by the renowned Vienna Philharmonic and State Opera, visit many of the city’s celebrated museums, and enjoy the formal gardens of the famous Habsburg palaces.
1 May–16 June 2017

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bolivia music teaching

Bolivia Music Teaching

During the Bolivia Music Teaching Internship, students will be working under the direction of the Fundacion Sinfonica Cochabamba, created in 2005 to create places for social inclusion through music, strengthen qualitatively and quantitatively the chamber and symphonic movements in Bolivia, and create a better appreciation for classical music. Students will teach orchestral, band, or vocal students in small groups or in private lessons, 8:00 a.m.–noon and 2:00–6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
Bolivia: July to first week of August (approximately)
Machu Picchu and Cusco excursion at the end of the internship.

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London film student Abroad

London Film Study Abroad (Rotating)

London Film will expose students to the best repertory programs, the most thorough retrospectives, and the most wide-ranging commercially distributed film offerings in the world. Students will not only enjoy the films themselves, but also a host of exemplary scholarly resources (lectures, artist interviews, scholarly notes) relating to the films.

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london theatre

London Theatre Study Abroad

Students will spend six weeks studying and attending theatre productions at the Royal National Theatre, the recently reconstructed Globe theatre, the mainstream West End theatres, and the lesser-known but highly imaginative smaller stages of London. Students will also spend a few days in Stratford-upon- Avon seeing performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company and visiting the historic Shakespeare sites.
4 May–19 June 2017

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