We consider donated funds to be sacred and we’ll do our best to ensure your contributions are used wisely and 100% of your contribution goes directly to the cause you designate.

Online Donation

Credit Card, eCheck or PayPal

CLICK HERE to give with ease and convenience on our secure online gift form
Receive the same income-tax deduction as a cash gift

Speak with a Representative

Call (801) 422-9219 if you have questions, would like more giving options or would like to give your information over the phone.

By Check

Please make checks payable to “Brigham Young University,” with a note in the memo field specifying the designated area or department. Then mail the check to Jennifer Amott at address below.

Other Assets

Under certain conditions, we can accept gifts of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other personal property, such as musical instruments, artwork, etc. Some methods of giving, such as charitable remainder trusts, return an income to the donor. Companies will often have matching programs towards areas of your interest as well. We are also able to do a wire transfer.

If you would like to give other assets, or ask any questions please contact our LDS Philanthropies representative Jenn Amott.

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