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College of Fine Arts and Communications New Student Orientation Video

Each of the department heads and the dean of the CFAC welcome new students.
Watch them explain what to look forward to while studying here at BYU!

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Student and Faculty Voices

Students and faculty share why they came to BYU and how education and work have helped themselves and others succeed.
They also highlight the high-caliber resources available to students.

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CDT in China

See the highlights from the BYU Contemporary Dance Theatre’s trip to China to perform at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

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BYU Composer Wins Student Emmy for “Chasm”

Richard Williams, a School of Music student, composed the music for the short film Chasm, for which he received a Student Emmy.

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“Owned” Wins Student Emmy (Animation)

Two students who worked on the Student Emmy Award-winning short film Owned discuss the origins of the story, as well as the team’s creative process.

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Ariel Mitchell Video Interview


Ariel Mitchell won a national playwrighting award. Click on the videos on this page to see how her time at the CFAC prepared her to earn this prestigious award.

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Communications Promo

Learn about the three main emphases in the Communications department: Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising.

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ART.WORK and the BYU Ad Lab

Students share their experiences working in the BYU AdLab, the student-run lab that has real-world clients.

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ART.WORK and Ron Linn on Printmaking

Ron Linn, a Visual Arts student, shares his thoughts on art and his work as a printmaker.

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eviDANCE 2013 Preview

BYU’s 2013 Evidance Preview: Each year, BYU showcases its variety of performing groups and tour teams. See everything from ballroom to folk dance!


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