Dear Student,

I want to tell you what pizza has to do with personal commitment, but first, welcome to the College of Fine Arts and Communications! Our college is home to almost 4000 students who, like you, are excited to begin another semester. The faculty and staff of the college are committed to help you succeed.

Just before school started we met with faculty and staff, divided them into groups, and asked them to share their thoughts on how to improve learning and teaching in light of our mission at BYU. Lots of great ideas were generated in that meeting. Today we emailed them and invited them to make a personal commitment that would help them better serve you this school year.

We now want to extend this invitation to you, our students, and ask you to stand with us as we work together to on this project. We’re going to create an installation called the CFAC Learning Commitment Project that displays the individuals commitments of the faculty, staff and students.

Stack of pizza boxesHere’s how the pizza comes in:

Show up this Tuesday, September 10 from noon until 1:30 at the west wall of the 4th floor of the HFAC.

Enjoy a slice of pizza while you read the instructions.

Write your commitment to improve learning and teaching in the college.

Post your commitment, stamp the card jacket, and sign your name–you’ll get the hang of this right away.

We hope you’ll also take a picture of your commitment card and upload it to the CFAC Learning Commitment Project FaceBook Group.

If you’d like some great ideas about becoming a better learner, take a few minutes to read President Henry B. Eyring’s 1997 devotional address, “A Child of God.” It’s a classic. In it he names five characteristics of great learners, one of which it that “they keep commitments.” He then invites us to

remember the Savior, think again of what the revelations tell us about who we are, and then we can choose to act on that reality. That will make us better learners. And by making those choices together, we can forge a learning community.

We’re very excited about what this project can do to help all of us in the College of Fine Arts and Communications create a powerful community committed to improved learning and teaching this year.

Thank you,





Stephen Jones, Dean

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