[blockquote style=”style3″ cite=”Rebecca Pedersen”]Winning the Met has been a dream since day one! And it came unexpectedly; I was not planning on winning. My teacher and I decided to audition for the district round just to gain some auditioning experience. Like many young students do, I had my life all planned out. I would study at BYU get my masters and then audition for the Met- win and start my career. But it turned into a Cinderella story. I auditioned as a sophomore and won the district round unexpectedly and moved on until I was in the grand finals concert and singing at the Met with the Met Orchestra. It’s a dream come true![/blockquote]


Rebecca Pedersen

National Council Auditions 2013

Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions aims “to discover promising young opera singers and assist in the development of their careers.” The auditions are considered the most prestigious competition in North America for singers seeking to launch an operatic career.

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Faculty Mentor:

[one_fourth] Darrell
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[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote style=”style3″ cite=”Darrell Babidge”]Each student is a unique fingerprint, and so I have to work differently with each one. You have to be a good improviser at times too. Don’t get me wrong — I come from a very technical angle, but I have had to learn to adapt to each personality, as well as physiological differences. It would be impossible for me to write a book about singing.[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

Kory Katseanes on Rebecca’s Performance:

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