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Playing the violin has always been an important part of Megumi Terry’s life since she began playing at the age of four. Her favorite part about being a music performance major is getting to create something everyday.

“I feel it is a privilege to be able to do something I love everyday and work with the most amazing faculty in the world.”

Terry said the most meaningful experience she has had during her time at BYU has been receiving weekly private instruction from violin Professor Monte Belknap.

“I enjoyed our lessons together. He has taught me so much more than how to play the violin. He has also taught me how to be a good person, a musician of faith, and how to keep God first in my life.”

As she reflects on her time at BYU, Terry has enjoyed performing at Carnegie Hall, being the concertmaster of the BYU Philharmonic, soloing with the BYU Philharmonic and BYU Symphony orchestras, and being apart of the BYU Honors Quartet. Recently, she performed with the BYU Chamber Orchestra in concert with Lea Salonga.

“It was such a thrill to be able to perform alongside one of my biggest idols in the music industry this past Winter semester,” Terry said.

Terry applied for the adjunct professor position in the violin department and hopes to fill her time after graduation doing that. Other plans include auditioning for graduate schools and orchestra jobs.

What was the most influential class you took at BYU? “Dr. Gaskill’s World Religions class. Ironically, learning about other religions and their truths only strengthened my faith in God and in the LDS church. I am grateful to him for his very insightful class, it has changed my life.”

Unique superpower you wish you had: “Teleportation. Can you imagine being able to go to one rehearsal after the other in a matter of seconds? Or being able to have lunch in Italy and then teleport back to work when your lunch break was up?”

Teachers that impacted your education: “Everyone in the School of Music. There wasn’t one professor I had in the music department that I didn’t learn from. They all had such a profound impact on me and I truly believe that the best part of the BYU School of Music is the faculty.”

Favorite BYU ice cream: “I don’t really eat ice cream, but I have purchased a lot of hot pockets from the HFAC vending machine on those long days.”

What is the legacy you hope you left for BYU? “I hope people remember me as the violinist that worked hard, but still had fun. At the end of the day we are creating great music and I was so grateful to be a part of that creative process.”

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