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[toggle title=”What is the Universe?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do you use your professional background to work with students?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do you and other faculty members encourage the best performance out of students?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What awards has the lab garnered in the last year? Where has the lab gone and where do you think the lab is going?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What was submitted to the competitions?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What were some student driven ideas?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What was your role in promoting Google Glass?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What drives you? What helps to drive students in the same way?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What are the benefits of the Universe lab?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What goals do you have for the future of the Universe lab?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do you keep yourself on the cutting edge of technology?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”How can the students learn from this lab?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is the most rewarding part of working with students?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is unique about BYU?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is a favorite story you have covered?”]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Has there been a life changing story that changed your perspective on things?”]
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